Founded in 1978, The Franchise Consulting Group was created to respond to a need in the marketplace for a consulting firm that could effectively assist its clients with the specific issues of business startup and expansion. Simply stated, we help our clients develop their business concepts and help expand their existing operations through franchising and other expansion methods.

Since its formation, our firm has served nearly 1,000 individual and corporate clients. We specialize in the development of growth and expansion strategies for companies, and the creation of the necessary programs to implement that growth.

Whether your requirements include expansion of an existing business; development of a new business concept; capital formation consulting; sales and marketing for international markets; litigation consulting, or other specific franchise development and marketing needs, we are fully capable of providing all of these services.

The services provided by The Franchise Consulting Group, and its client and consultant relationship, have established our firm as a recognized leading authority on business development and expansion strategies.