Oakwyn Realty


We recently worked closely with the Oakwyn Realty team to develop their unique franchise program in Canada. They are one of the fastest growing Real Estate Groups in Canada led by an experienced, aggressive and very innovative ownership/management group. After fine tuning and employing new technologies to support franchisees, they are now offering franchise opportunities in Western Canada to qualified franchisees. Having provided consulting services to some of the largest Real Estate franchisors, we have good reason to believe that Oakwyn Realty will successfully grow and expand their vital franchise network throughout Canada.


MarriottAt the time we were retained by Marriott, they were already a well known multi branded organization involved in franchising. Like many other sophisticated and enlightened franchise clients of ours, they only wanted to be better. Our assignment involved examination of all aspects, structure and operations of their franchise activities Our findings and recommendations included a comprehensive strategic report that allowed Marriott to implement changes and improvements which benefited both Marriott as a franchisor and all their franchisees and set the tone for the companies expanded growth into the 21st century.

Cardio Barre

Cardio BarreIn a four year period we conducted a franchise feasibility study, developed a comprehensive franchise development program, assisted in the marketing and selection of franchisees and continued providing ongoing consulting services to this unique one of a kind ballet bar exercise and fitness studio. It’s founder and President, Richard Giorla, is largely responsible for making his proprietary system one of the most popular workout programs in the country and the company is currently and actively making franchises available to qualified persons.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy KremeFor many years Krispy Kreme was known and established in the southern part of the United States. They had a legion of steady customers that practically met “cult” status. We were retained by the company when they were first considering an aggressive expansion through franchising into other regions of the US. We worked with senior management to identify key franchise issues, develop strategies to achieve their objectives and outline all the essential elements of a professional franchise development program. Extensive management meetings and discussions and many interviews with long time existing franchisees, allowed us to understand their culture, uniqueness and resources. Krispy Kreme has been one of the true success stories in franchising.

Century 21 Real Estate

Century 21 Real EstateWhen Century 21 was reaching the apex of their incredible growth, having achieved a dramatic conversion of 7500 independent real estate brokers to franchises, our President and founder, Edward Kushell, was retained to perform a highly confidential and sensitive assignment. As a then member of their Board of Directors, he was immediately familiar with all aspects of the company. As such, when the major shareholders and senior management sought a merger & acquisition partner, we were successful in searching for and ultimately finding the right partner for them. Our input and use of our extensive network resulted in a most satisfactory exit for the founders and senior management of the company.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the BoxJack in the Box operates nearly 2000 units of which 81% were company owned in 2003. When the company decided it wanted to embark on a re- franchising program, we were retained to help them achieve their new expansion strategy. Possessing a well known brand and a very seasoned and capable management team, we worked closely with them to first evaluate their existing franchise organization and to assess the performance and relationship with their existing franchisees. After extensive management interviews, in depth interviews with franchisees and review of franchise documents and materials, we provided a comprehensive report outlining our recommendations. Jack in the Box management saw fit to immediately implement these recommendations to help them achieve their franchising objectives.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza KitchenCalifornia Pizza Kitchen has been one of the true success stories in their segment of the food service industry. When the concept was first conceived by their visionary and dynamic founders, we consulted with them on a variety of franchise and franchise related matters. As the company grew, largely through company owned operations, many years later we were again retained to assist them with various franchise operations and development issues and the updating of certain programs and materials. Like many of our other clients, CPK also positioned themselves to be acquired, to ultimately buy back the company and subsequently arrange for another financially rewarding transaction for their shareholders.

Pink Iron

Pink IronPink Iron is one of the most exciting and innovative fitness centers in Los Angeles. We are in the process of developing their franchise program, which is anticipated to be rolled out in late 2013 or early 2014. In working with its founder, Holly Holton, a true fitness Guru, we combine the best in fitness classes with a professional and well constructed franchise program that will be available to select candidates.

Miracle Ear

Miracle EarThe name Miracle Ear did not exist when we were retained by this manufacturer of hearing aids. They distributed their products through a network of non-exclusive dealers. Our mission was to help them convert dealers to franchisees and in the process, their brand was changed from Dahlberg to Miracle Ear. We were involved in the strategies, planning and execution of the entire process. Our unique methods and expertise in interviewing dealers and franchisees allowed us to learn much about their perceptions, concerns and needs. This along with our detailed discussions and understanding of managements objectives and resources resulted in a most successful franchise conversion assignment.

American Express

American ExpressWe were retained by American Express to evaluate the operations of one of their subsidiaries engaged in franchising. The company was in the process of developing the most appropriate strategy for maximizing the performance of this subsidiary and determining their most desirable exit options and strategy. As part of our evaluation and analysis, we conducted in depth management interviews, franchisee interviews and review of financial data and other relevant documentation in order to develop our findings and conclusions. Our input provided American Express with the necessary strategies and recommendations to allow them to make the correct decision for this key subsidiary.

Mobil Oil

MobilAfter interviewing several franchise consulting organizations, The Franchise Consulting Group was retained to help Mobil convert their network of over 7000 service station dealers to franchisees. The assignment included a total review of Mobil’s retail business and expansion plans and then to provide our input and recommendations for how best to implement their conversion to franchising. Over a two year period, our consulting team helped develop new concepts, materials and methods to best achieve their franchising objectives. We additionally helped maximize revenue streams from both their Mobil franchisees and their convenience store business units, “On the Run”. The consulting services provided to this division of Mobil eventually led to their retaining us for additional consulting assignments with other divisions of Mobil to help them evaluate and achieve their marketing and franchise goals.


IBMThe Franchise Consulting Group was retained by IBM to evaluate the performance of their existing company owned and operated retail computer centers and most important, to assess the viability of franchising these units. After exhaustive analysis and evaluation of IBM’s objectives, corporate culture and strengths and weaknesses, we strongly advised against franchising. While franchising is often a most effective and profitable method of expansion, it is not always ideally suited for all companies. Our recommendations in this case helped a major company with a world renowned brand make a decision which we believe helped avoid a costly franchise marketing and expansion strategy which had little chance for success.