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Consulting and Evaluation of Mature Franchise Systems

Enlightened management of mature franchise companies are continuously striving to be even better. They realize the value of having outside professionals provide them with objective input and recommendations as to how to improve their operations in order to achieve shareholder objectives. It is often difficult for mature franchise companies to fully understand how they compare with the best, how realistic their goals and business plans are and how effective their management team is in executing their business and expansion plan. Moreover, most companies have little understanding of how their franchisees really perceive them, something which is essential to know if one expects to achieve high levels of growth and profitability in franchising.

There are also many franchisors that are underachieving and aren’t quite sure why. We are thoroughly experienced at evaluating and understanding their problems and most important, offering recommendations as to how to deal with them. From the initial planning and forecasting, the marketing and sale of franchises, the services provided to franchisees and the many other elements that determine success in franchising, we know them thoroughly because we have been there ourselves. We have not only performed these evaluations for clients but we have successfully built our own franchise companies. Our methods of comprehensive review, analysis and evaluation of mature franchise companies has proven valuable to some of the most respected names in franchising.