The objectives of the Franchise Consulting Group are to help those with an interest in franchising determine whether they have something that can be franchised and, if so, show them how to do it. And second, to confidentially assist existing franchise organizations with a variety of solutions to franchise problems that can often best be identified and guided by outside professionals.

We believe that franchising is not for everyone.
The responsibilities that one undertakes as a franchisor is considerable and the commitment that must be made is total. This is often not understood by those contemplating franchising, as it is not always understood by many of those already in franchising.

While the primary objective of any franchisor is to maximize profits and expand its system, this can only be achieved if the franchisee profits as well. The structuring and continuous growth of a franchise organization must take place with this in mind. As consultants, we take seriously the obligation of both parties to the relationship, and believe this is the only way for each of them to achieve their mutual objectives.

The Franchise Consulting Group is made up of people who strongly believe in the franchise concept. The tremendous growth of franchising has taken place because the majority of companies have taken their commitment and responsibilities seriously. We wish to help this continue. Future opportunities are endless if the building blocks are carefully put in place. The financial rewards can be substantial if franchisor and franchisee work together towards their common goals.

It is our business to structure new franchise companies and to assist in dealing with the myriad of problems that are a continuing part of any franchise organization. However, it is essential that we not only believe a concept is franchiseable, but that it is built on a foundation of equal concern for the franchisor, the franchisee and the consumer.