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Franchising Needs to Help the Hurricane Victims in Texas & Florida – Now

The devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma has left millions of people without homes Franchise Disaster Relief (1)and possessions, and loss of life.  It is these very people who have been the customers who have fueled franchisees and have been the essential ingredient in the growth of franchising. Now is the time for the franchise community to give something back to its customers. Now.

There are approximately 800,000 franchisees in the United States. If each franchisee were to give only 100 dollars each toward disaster relief, that would amount to a contribution of 80 million desperately needed dollars, and worse case, even if each franchisee were to give only 10 dollars, that would still result in much-needed contributions totaling 8 million dollars.

I am calling on those in leadership positions in franchising to lead the way. I implore you to organize the IFA, the AAFD, all the various franchisee associations, area developers, and other related groups of franchisees to make this happen. Now.

I may not currently be a franchisee, however, at one time I was a multiple franchisee developer. That is enough for me to be amongst the first to pledge my support.  To encourage others in the franchisee community to do the right thing, I am pledging $1,000 to whatever fund may be established to commit franchisees to contribute to this cause.

Edward Kushell
The Franchise Consulting Group

Why we are the Best in the Business


Edward Kushell

We understand where you are now and where you want to be.  Our experienced team has been there, done that and we will help you develop the best franchise strategy for your business, and help you avoid common mistakes. 

Choosing the very best franchise consulting firm is essential.  Anyone or any entity can claim they are qualified to help you develop a successful franchise development program, but very few actually are.

We have been providing franchise consulting services for 35 years and our expertise and experience is unmatched. Integrity and reputation is just part of why we are the best in the business, we also provide you with 24/7 hands-on, personal care and offer competitive fees and flexible payment options.

We have been retained by hundreds of companies either involved in or contemplating franchising, from mature, well known and branded clients to early stage start-ups.  And, as a sought after expert witness for both franchisors and franchisees, you can feel confident that I understand all facets of franchising.

Please fill out our free assessment and let us know how we can help you with your business.

The Franchise Consulting Group is Developing a Franchise Program for Orange County-Based Tspoons Cooking School

Franchises will Initially be Offered in California and Surrounding States Later this Year 

Los Angeles, CA:  The Franchise Consulting Group is proud to announce its newest client, TspoonsChef-T-Photo. Orange County based, Tspoons, is a cooking school that specializes in hands-on cooking classes, customized cooking parties and team building events. Founder Thanitra Pichedvanichok (Chef T) has selected the experts from The Franchise Consulting Group to help expand Tspoons in California and surrounding states.

At Tspoons, students apply essential skills and techniques taught in each class to create 4-5 dishes as they receive hands-on instruction from chef instructors. At the end of each class, students sit and savor their creations together at a communal dining table. A variety of daily cooking classes, feature guest chefs, technique classes, and skills workshops are offered for adults, teens and children.

“In developing their franchise program, we are working with a founder and a complete culinary and cooking class system that stands out from others,” says Edward Kushell, president and founder of The Franchise Consulting Group.  “After working closely with Tspoons management and integrating all the franchise components, we are confident that this is an exceptional franchise opportunity.”

“A tremendous amount of love and care goes into everything we do here at Tspoons, which has resulted in the success of the school and a loyal customer base,” says Chef T.

IMG_1468Tspoons’ history of classes being full the majority of the time and a waiting list for most classes indicated to Kushell and his team that this would be a viable franchise opportunity.   The concept is unique, there are few known culinary and cooking class franchises, and founder Chef T has an extensive cooking and business background that is cultural, well-constructed and offers a variety to fit today’s culinary demands.

The franchise development work is expected to be complete later this year at which time Tspoons franchises will initially be offered in California and surrounding states. Tspoons franchises will be offered on a very select basis to qualified owner/operators who can combine an excellent business opportunity with a passion for culinary related activities.

About The Franchise Consulting Group:

The Franchise Consulting Group is a recognized leader in business development and expansion strategies.  Since 1978, the firm has served nearly 1,000 individual and corporate clients.  Areas of expertise include expansion of an existing business; development of a new business concept; capital formation consulting; sales and marketing for international markets; litigation consulting, and specific franchise development and marketing needs.  President and Founder Edward Kushell is a recognized expert in franchising and a sought after expert witness in franchise litigation. www.franchiseconsulting.com

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