If you've ever thought of franchising your business, let us tell you why you should or why shouldn't. We will tell you what others won't.
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Whether you're an existing franchise network or interested in converting to franchising, our experience as successful founders of franchise companies and in helping companies convert to franchising provides us with special expertise.
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Private equity firms, banks, and other investment and lending groups need the unique and comprehensive methods of Due Diligence that we perform - unlike others who have not experienced what we have.
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Edward Kushell has been retained in nearly 100 cases involving franchise disputes and enjoys an unparalleled record in representing both franchisors and franchisees.
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A Message From Our President Edward Kushell

Why we are the Best in the Business

We understand where you are now and where you want to be.  Our experienced team has been there, done that and we will help you develop the best franchise strategy for your business, and help you avoid common mistakes.  Choosing the very best franchise consulting firm is essential.  Anyone or any entity can claim they…
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News & Media Highlights

Anyone Can Become a Franchise Consultant

New franchise consultants enter the marketplace on a regular basis. After all, unlike accountants or lawyers, no license is required, no examination or certification is necessary.  Becoming a franchise consultant is easy.  All it really takes is to know a little more about franchising than the clients you hope to attract. With a convincing  and…
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